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6 month of Modi government in India - Smooth start to a tough ride

Governance and governance outcomes are a continuing process. Artificial time slices like a hundred days or six months have at best some symbolic value. So, what yardsticks would be appropriate, both in absolute and relative terms, to assess the first six months of the Modi government?


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Indian guru held after ashram standoff that claimed six lives

Police say Rampal Maharaj has been arrested, after violence at ashram in Haryana state in northern India

Report by The Guardian

Followers of Rampal Maharaj leave the ashram after it was stormed by police. Photograph Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images

Police arrested a controversial religious l

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Indian PM Narendra Modi draws thousands to hear him speak in Sydney

16,000 fill arena with more watching on screens outside as Indian prime minister follows G20 summit with public speech

Report by Michel Safi, the Guardian

Picture shows - Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on stage in front of thousands of fans at Allphones Arena in Sydney. Photograph Jane De

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Modern slavery affects more than 35 million people, including India as #1

Five countries including India, China and Russia account for 61% of all slavery, says Australia-based Walk Free Foundation

Report by Larry Elliot, economics editor, The Guardian

Picture shows the total number of people enslaved by region. Photograph Walk Free Foundation

More than 35 million

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Indian women die after state-run mass sterilisation campaign goes wrong

Indian women die after state-run mass sterilisation campaign goes wrong

Eleven dead and dozens more in hospital after doctor reportedly carried out 80 operations in five hours

Picture - Indian men carry the body of one of eight victims of botched surgeries, in Chattisgarh Photograph EPA &n

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