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US releases $450 million in frozen Iran funds

Move comes after UN watchdog finds that Islamic Republic complied with terms of international nuclear deal. The United States has authorized the release of a $450 million installment in Iranian assets that were frozen as punishment for Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, the State Departme

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Iranian killers execution halted at last minute by victims parents

Convict had noose around his neck when victim's mother approached, slapped him in the face and spared his life.
by Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian. Picture shows the noose is removed from around the neck of Balal. Photograph Arash Khamooshi /Isna.

When h

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Iran halts uranium enrichment under nuclear deal

International inspectors witness the stopping of 20% uranium enrichment
Report by Agencies in Tehran;, Monday 20 January 2014

Iran has halted its most sensitive uranium enrichment work as part of a landmark deal struck with world powers, state te

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Iran MPs approve majority of Rouhani cabinet

Parliament approves 15 of the new president's 18 nominees, allowing the government to start work.

Iran's parliament has approved all but three of President Hassan Rouhani's 18 cabinet picks, allowing the government to start work, parliam

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