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I don want children – should I tell the woman I am dating?

I don't want to have kids but am worried that this will mean I won't find anyone to settle down with. 

The Guardian, Friday 25 July 2014 

Picture - Starting a new relationship (posed by models) … 'I have little or no paternal instict'

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The wide awake club - fighting insomnia

On any given night, many of us are desperate for sleep, unable to switch off. Richard Wiseman looks at some solutions

• Are you an insomniac? Share your experiences
By Richard Wiseman, The Guardian.

Picture - When you are sleep-deprived, y

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Doing up a home with white walls

The simple, stark colour in your home throws up a canvas of decorating possibilities, say interior experts to Ismat Tahseen

If you have just moved into a home that's completely white, you have just got yourself a spacious oasis as a monochromatic palette opens up to several d

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Is nail polish harmful?

Is nail polish harmful?
The idea of nail polish as a risky substance gained traction in 2006 when public health advocates began a nationwide protest concerning three compounds — often referred to as “the toxic trio” — in leading nail polish brands.

New Y

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Seven reasons to love living in Canada

By Kevin Press,

A study published yesterday by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that “Canada performs exceptionally well in measures of well-being,” according to an online report. On a range of measures — housing, income

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