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Pakistan school attack by Taliban ends, leaving over 100 children dead

Picture shows Pakistani soldiers take position in an armoured vehicle near the site of an attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. (Photo credit AFP/ A MAJEED)

A bloody Taliban raid on an army-run school in northwest Pakistan has ended, police said Tuesday, with all

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Pakistan air strikes target Haqqani insurgents

Attack on militants accused of cross-border attacks on US forces may signal major shift in Pakistan’s attitude to Afghanistan

Report by Jon Boone, The Guardian

Picture shows Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif (right) with Afghan preside

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How can personality tests improve the health service in Pakistan?

An unmotivated bureaucrat slowing down care in hospitals is a stereotype in much of the developing world. Is it true?

Report by Michael Callen in Cambridge and Arman Rezaee in San Diego; Guardian Professional.

Vaccination programmes are one of the tasks run by health centres in Pakis

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US drone strike kills several militants in Pakistan

Eleven dead in remote-controlled attack on a compound in north Waziristan, the second this week

Report - Agencies in Bannu and Peshawar,,

Picture - A drone used by the US military in Pakistan. Photograph Sipa Press/Rex Features 

A US drone strike in north-western Pa

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Pakistans polytheistic Kalash tribe threatened with death by Taliban

Video released by Taliban calls on Sunnis to join fight against Kalash people and moderate Ismaili Muslims in Chitral valley. Report by Agence France-Presse in Islamabad;, Thursday 13 February 2014

Photo shows the Kalash, who claim descent from Alexander

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