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Teaching children the A to Z of bitcoin? Theres an app for that

From A is for Alternative Currency to Z is for Zero-Confirmation Transaction, iPad app explains cryptocurrency to kids.

Report by Stuart Dredge,, Thursday 17 July 2014 

Two pages from iPad app The Bitcoin Alphabet. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still

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Report Samsung to Launch Galaxy Glass in September

By Stan Schroeder

Samsung might launch a competitor to Google Glass during the IFA trade show in Berlin in September this year.

The device, named Galaxy Glass, could connect to your smartphone, display call alerts and allow the user to listen to music, reports K

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The Mac Turns 30 Today

Watch Steve Jobs unveil the computer that was designed "for the rest of us."

Thirty years ago today, Steve Jobs did something he would go on to do many times over He strode onto a stage and introduced the public to a

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Buffalo genome decoded in Bangladesh

Buffalo genome decoded

Report by Reaz Ahmad, Daily Star Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi company, Lal Teer Livestock Limited, and Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) have jointly unravelled the complete genome of water buffalo, opening up a new horizon in devel

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NASA releases amazing pictures of Mars rover Curiosity from space

Washington - NASA has released astonishing pictures of the Curiosity rover clicked by its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter as the robotic spacecraft rambles across the Martian surface. 

The two images were snapped by the spacecraft's High Resolution Imaging Science Experi

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