Copenhagen: the happiest city in the world
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Copenhagen: the happiest city in the world

January 24, 2014     Published Time : 07:30:41

Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world, but why? Is it the parks, the city beaches, safe cycling or award-winning food? Locals tell us where visitors can tap into the city's happy vibereport by Michael Booth, The Guardian, Friday 24 January 2014

Copenhagen often tops happiness leagues. What puts a spring in the step of people like these women at Amager Strand beach? Photograph Rune Johansen/Getty Images

For the past 40 years, Denmark has regularly topped international happiness surveys, most recently in October 2013's World Happiness Report from the Earth Institute at New York's Columbia University. But these surveys tend to be more about life satisfaction – so-called "eudaimonic" happiness – than the heel-kicking joie de vivre that someone on a weekend break might be looking for. So, how can you access that happiness as a visitor? I decided to find out by asking Copenhageners what it is about their city that makes them happy, along with what might surprise visitors and what the Danes are really like when no one is looking.

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